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Welcome to Coffey Insurance Agency’s blog. Our goal is to help you better understand the insurance industry and how you can protect yourself. We work diligently to educate ourselves on the changes of the industry so that we can share that information here and be of better service to you. Please follow us so that you, too, can keep up with the industry to ensure that you and your family are truly covered no matter what happens.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t start your day without us!”

  1. Jay is a fantastic person to work with. He saved me quite a bit of money on both my car and home owners insurance. He is very professional and answered all questions I had in a manner that I understood. I highly recommend Jay for any and all your insurance needs. I certainly won’t start the day without Coffey Insurance Agency. Mona


  2. I’ve known Jay for years, even worked with him. Jay is a great man who knows how to take care people and their needs in a very friendly, professional manner. I have all my insurance with him because I trust him.


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Don't start your day without us!